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I am creating new pieces all of the time--new designs, new colors, and sizes. For the very latest work coming out of the studio including announcements, sales and updates- please follow me on Facebook and Instagram.

New Colorway Chinoiserie: Bold and graphic take on a classic

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Stripes: Classic and crisp-juxtaposed with anchoring images-brings patterns into view

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All Italian white: Creamy white brings out the rich dark clay body with etched designs, just subtle and simple

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Solids: Naked in their color, still visual and figural, but rich and traditional

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Madras: Textured and patterned, mix and match with unexpected color combinations like a good plaid always delivers

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Contemporary take on classic blue and white back from the 13th century-this crisp contrast has traveled through many different cultures as have the timeless natural scenes of chinoiserie. this line is available in all place setting sizes, as well as bowls, platters and cake stands. Pieces are made to order-contact me for ordering information.

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Box Sets

I maintain a steady stream of images in my head that are collected visually-- sometimes many of these images will come together in some way and its fun to keep them together to tell a bigger story.

This spring, I felt compelled to create a series of plates that depict the objects and images I collect in a more singular and simple way. What I see out at the beach, and just out in the world.. and they belong together. so instead of setting them out one at a time, I created a box set for them..the plates are encased in a hand-crafted box from discarded wood found at the coast.. available in various sizes,colors and design combinations... in sets of 4 and 6... here are some examples:

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Beach Box

the sand tells us stories and keeps secrets, shares history and merges continents through the detritus and treasures we find.. mini still-lifes captured in clay....a collection of plates inspired by my ramblings out at ocean beach in san francisco.. all with a set of "beach trading cards" of favorite images collected.. each plate is different and one of a kind...

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Object Box

single objects, impressed and etched.. jaspar johns, joseph cornell elevated everyday found and used objects to small works of art..isolated and intent, these plates convey the simplicity and beauty of things we see, find, use and pass over..

Pedestal Bowls

Bringing the feel of large scale sculptural in, these new oversized bowls offer a dramatic and textured way to hold fruit, vegetables or whatever you like- even hot foods. Food safe and completely functional yet evoking a sculptural sensibility with hand built thick walls and a chunky layered base..these bowls are ready to make a statement. Bowls can be made in any of my glaze finishes.

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Inspired by a commissioned project to create all tableware for a new restaurant in the Bay Area-a white story emerged with bold color mixed in. Scoured vintage cookbooks and magazines for inspirational images-hands, abstractly capturing small moments of food-all depicted on these mini still lifes awaiting the diner.

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Clean and all white-bleached bones, weathered and muted-these all white pieces are reminiscent of an enduring ceramic tradition.
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(Available in all sizes)
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Reduce the Clutter Soothe the Soul Clean Graphic
Bold and Understated Modern Striking and Subtle
Handmade It's black and white 1/2 & 1/2

Lazy Susans!
That old standard home tool has returned with an edge--handmade ceramic 17 and 19 inch platters with an attached swivel. Great for appetizers, condiments..whatever you may want to share.
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Stacking Vases
These vases come in 3 or 4 piece "stacks" and come apart to be rearranged in form, height or color pattern. They come with a short and tall glass sleeve.
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Some recent designs on plates too:
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