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Altars, cemeteries, flocks of birds, waves—repetitive images organized around a theme or a symbol. The natural form of wood and clay and the shapes they take on after lying on a beach, baking in the sun or a kiln, breaking on the floor. Forces beyond our control, yet we attempt to organize them, study them scientifically to know and understand their mystique. Death, renewal, reviving and offering new life to objects long passed on. The elements of nature as depicted in scientific classifications—the bugs, birds and bones. Seeing specimens consecutively laid out in preparation for study encourage not just a clinical examination, but an aesthetic one as well.

My work has evolved from these images and observations. What started out as an interest and education in ceramics, moved to a quest to travel and learn about ancient and modern lands and the symbols that represent them. I started collecting objects from my travels and searched for ways to properly display them. I found that my ceramics, early on, often depicted the color and form of walls of sacred structures that I was visiting. It only made sense to combine the two. From that was born the relationship of found and collected objects in a sculptural setting. My interest in the found symbols of other cultures led me to the discovery or rediscovery of the icons of my own culture. I continued my search and attraction to these objects- in flea markets, small junk shops and even dumpsters and street corners throughout the USA. Some objects are humorous, some spiritual, some sobering, some just beautiful and when combined, evoke varying thoughts and visual memories.

Organic, collected, reused, found—restored.

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Lichen is Coral:  9"x7", raku fired clay, quail eggs, raw coral Bird Map: 15"x7" to 17"x8", reclaimed wood, ceramic slabs, raw coral, 1960's rubber bird Beached Nest: 38"x 6", reclaimed wood, raku fired ceramic nests, taxidermy eye, Sugarmold Nests: 56"x21", reclaimed wood, ceramic nests, assorted collectible natural B-Cups: ceramic, reclaimed wood, vintage and found objects 25"x20"x3" RestorativeBuddha:  41"x19", reclaimed wood, ceramic panels, stone Buddha, dragonfly "Crater"- ceramic, baobab pod, vintage flora Vertical Wire: Ceramic, reclaimed wood, found and vintage object 48"x15"x5"
"raku boots" 20"x10" reclaimed wood, vintage objects "b-again" 8"x5" 1920's figural bird bulb quail egg vintage school letter 36"x6"; reclaimed wood, glazed ceramic shards, found objects raku nests: 48" tall--outdoor sculpture E Triptych: ceramic, reclaimed wood, vintage and found objects Nest Series: 15"x7" to 12" x 7", reclaimed wood, ceramic nests, quail egg, floral fruit Ikebani ceramic, found coral, vintage celluloid egg "perch" 8"x5" vintage floral bird/branch raw coral
Outdoor installation-raku fired ceramic nests Outdoor installation-stacked raku fired ceramic nests Raku Garden Sphere Garden totem 7' tall Raku Garden Totems      

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