Lisa Neimeth

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New Mexico

This is the other place I love to be. I love the coast and the ocean, and also the oceanic like desert expanse. Hopefully soon there will be a studio space for me to work in here in the summers on the property we have in Abiquiu. The place and the history here so inspire me. The legacy of clay reigns.

Often the only records we have of ancient peoples is their pottery. It endured as it became petrified and preserved in the dirt. It remains. The Pueblo potters even grind down these ancient shards to use in their new work-providing that crucial bridge, the link from past to present. Pottery is old, it is new.

The desert and rocky landscape of New Mexico turns up artifacts buried within the sands. String, hardware, ancient tools carved thousands of years ago as well as the implements of today--all casting their impressions in the ground to be preserved.

Stay tuned for more development here...


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