Lisa Neimeth

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New Mexico

As a part of my ceramics practice and business, I value the work of so many community groups and organizations who are out there doing good and important work every day. As a small way of honoring their work, I donate a significant percentage of my annual proceeds to various groups. I have focused on the following issues this year: hunger, prison reform, prison literacy, community radio, migrant workers, rural libraries, animal rescue and care, new media, affordable housing, women's health and more.. I have also initiated a project I call "Good Giving, Good Getting". This effort is a more targeted way of donating artwork to organizations as a fundraising tool. Like public radio offering perks when you donate a certain amount, I am working with some groups in creating specific work to sell that will directly benefit them. This year, I made sets of plates for the Prison Radio Project as well as for KPOO- a community radio station based here in San Francisco. I am planning on expanding this initiative and hopefully involving other artists as well.

I also love to have the opportunity to show the magic of raku to local school kids just getting into truly is such an amazing process of wonder and excitement..I know we are converting them to a life long love of clay..

and we even make pizza in the kiln after!


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